Survival and Tactical Systems (STS) offers team building and leadership seminars/training under our Corporate Retreat Division (CRD). STS instructors have an immeasurable amount of experience working in teams and producing leaders in the military, and we would like to share our expertise with YOUR team. Each program cultivates essential team skills that will help to: develop a climate of interaction and enhanced communication; encourage a unity of effort and a positive, focused team direction; facilitate creative thinking and cooperation and increased group problem-solving capabilities; build individual self-confidence and accelerate team growth. These seminars/training events provide opportunities for new teams to work together and seasoned teams to become more proficient. Organizations may choose from three corporate event options: the corporate leadership package, the incentive/corporate retreat package, and a firearms training package. The STS CRD can tailor each package to accomplish your team's specific goals, while remaining sensitive to the company's time and budget constraints.

Corporate Leadership Package

STS’s instructor staff is comprised of former Special Operators from all branches of the United States Armed Forces, as well as former Law Enforcement members. Situations requiring the employment of Special Forces vary greatly, often creating the need for multiple individuals or teams with different backgrounds and specialties to cooperate with one another seamlessly. This level of efficiency is attainable when teams are goal-driven, detail-oriented during mission planning, well trained, and of the appropriate mindset.

GOAL-DRIVEN:  Setting goals is the foundation for mission accomplishment. Prior to your corporate leadership event, STS will work closely with your staff to understand or help define the short and long-term ambitions of the team. These objectives will provide the framework for the course curriculum that will augment or serve as an addition to any internal syllabus drafted by your organization. 

MISSION PLANNING:  Once the team goals have been identified, STS will begin mission planning for the event. A concept of operations will be provided for your review/approval and any modifications, if necessary. The mission will serve as a guideline, ensuring that all goals and desired outcomes meet with success.

TRAINING:  Training offers an opportunity for your team to find out what it is made of. What are the strengths and weaknesses of both the individuals and the group as a whole? STS has developed scenarios that help new teams identify these characteristics. Additionally, seasoned groups that are aware of their team dynamics will have a chance to perform in a familiar capacity, while being challenged physically, mentally, or in both regards.

MINDSET:  Establishing achievable goals, formulating a relevant mission statement, scheduling regular training, and fostering a common mindset are all vital to the success of a team. Arguably, the hardest to implement is mindset. STS will encourage individuals and teams to adopt a proactive mindset that constantly seeks new challenges and rejects complacency. Mindset matures into a lifestyle, and ideally, over time, the team as a whole will begin to operate at a higher level of proficiency.

If your organization is looking for a unique, challenging, and exciting team building event to bring members together or develop new leaders, then STS CRD has the answer: completely customizable programs that can accommodate everyone, and instruction delivered in a positive, supportive atmosphere. Inquire below and benefit your team by taking a huge leap toward success.

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