STS offers several different retreat packages.  These packages give your employees / customers a chance to “get away” from the norm and relax.  The packages can be tailored for the needs of the customer but they are all designed to take employees / customers out their comfort zone and experience something that will bring them together and leave a lasting impression.  The following is a list of retreats that are offered by STS.

“A Night in the Wilderness”

                  This retreat is exactly what it sounds like, one night in the woods.  STS will lead the group on a small hike to a designated campsite.  A camp will be set up and the relaxing will begin.  A group led discussion will take place that night in order to bring the group closer and to discuss lessons learned in leadership.

 “Which way is North”

                  A great two-day, one night course that lets your employees / costumers try something they may have never done.  STS will teach a basic land navigation course using a map and compass.  Advanced GPS navigation will be taught the second day.  Day one a base camp will be set up and the students will be taught map reading, terrain association, pace count, and the function of a compass.  After the students have grasped these concepts they will be run through a small land navigation course using a map and compass.  They will work in teams of no less than two.  At the conclusion of day one, while around the campfire the students will be able to unwind and partake in a group led discussion of their experiences navigating.  This will allow the teams to become closer.  The second day will be similar with the exception of GPS navigation.

“Survive on your Own”

                  This retreat will definitely take your employees / customers to the edge of there comfort zone.  The length of the retreat will depend upon the request of the customer.  STS suggests a minimum of two days, ideally a three to four day course.  The course will push the students mentally and instill the Mindset of a “never quit”.  Basic land navigation, evasion, first aid and survival techniques will be covered and applied in real world scenarios.  The students will be taught to use the STS Level 1 trauma kit and the STS Level 1 survival kit.  These are very basic kits but could make the difference between life and death of themselves or there family and friends.  At the conclusion of day one the students will be required to utilize the skills they were taught to construct a shelter and build a fire to last them through the night.

“Get over that Wall”

                  Team work is the goal for this retreat.  This one to four day retreat is geared for the physically active cliental and mirrors similar events used in many Special Operations selection courses.  STS will run the students through a series of obstacles consisting of rope climbs, cargo netting, water crossings and telephone pole carries.  Students will be placed into teams and with little to no instruction, concur each obstacle as a team.   They will also be tested on mental stability and mental strength, by problem solving and memorization games.  This retreat will put your employees through a rigorous few days that will force them to use teamwork in order to succeed.

“FMPE” (The full mission profile Experience)

                  A full mission profile (FMP) training exercise is essential to the success of team’s deployed.  The goal of the FMP is to ready a team for deployment and make sure each team member knows their job and responsibilities.  FMP’s also give a team that may have new members a chance to mesh and become familiar with standard operating procedures.  Although teams are given a specific mission; the battlefield is always evolving and the team must rely on each other to adjust as needed. 

STS has created the FMPE based on their combined 70 years of Special Operations Mission/Training.  Your team will conduct a skill assessment phase, followed by introduction to firearms and the non-lethal UTM (Ultimate Training Munnition).  Your team will conduct 10 hours of tactical rifle/pistol training with an introduction to close quarter’s battle (CQB).  This is followed by introduction to Mission Planning utilizing an Operations Order.  The team(s) will conduct an FMP in order to prepare for their “mission”.  The team(s) will have to plan and execute a combat mission in order to meet the objective.  This retreat is four to five days in length depending on the needs of the client.  This is a culmination of all of STS’s retreat packages and will be an unforgettable experience for your employees.  Not only will this retreat be fun, it will teach individuals to become better team members and leaders.  

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