"I'll only be out for a minute" Part 2

My name is Tony. I am 28 and a Marine Veteran and live off the beaten path in Kaufman, TX by myself and my two dogs. Recently, my house was broken into by thugs trying to steal some of my firearms. I hold a Texas concealed handgun license and carry ALMOST everywhere I go. The places I don’t carry are only where I am not allowed to, bars and such. This past Sunday, I needed to go to the store. I knew I would only be out for a minute and for that reason I decided to leave my gun at home.

I made it just up the road a couple of miles when I realized I had left my wallet at my house, so I turned around to go back and get it. This time frame was no more than 15 minutes. As I pulled up to my house, I realized my dog was outside and my door was open. I didn’t think too much of it at first. I just thought I didn’t shut the door well enough and it came open. As I walked to my front door, I was on alert thinking something might not be right. As I turned to the door, two men stood in my doorway, one holding the Glock 19 I had left on my table that I decided I didn’t need.  The gun was then presented up at my chest.

I couldn't take my eyes off MY OWN GUN that was now being presented at me. I stay in what I like to call the "Yellow", which is on alert, ready for something to happen. My first thought was to get this gun away and not pointed at me, knowing I didn’t have my gun on me.  The gun was within arm’s reach.  I hit it as hard as I could to try to gain control of MY WEAPON.  As soon as I did that the gun went off putting an entrance and exit hole through the sweater I was wearing.

 The bullet completely missed me somehow.  I tucked away from what might have been follow on shots. I heard the gun hit the ground and people running.  I turned to my weapon, picked it up and chased them for about 15 yards. My first thought was to shoot these men who just tried to end my life but my training and knowledge of the law kicked in and I didn’t take the shot. Had I shot, I would have most likely hit the men in the back possibly not killing them and at that point I would be in more trouble than the robbers who had just tried to kill me.

I turned around and ran back to my house and called the cops. While back inside I realized the only thing they were trying to take were 6 of my guns, which was another lesson for me. I didn’t own a safe and the one thing I would put in there is the one thing they were trying to take. (I now own a mother of a Safe!) I barricaded myself in the house and waited for the cops to show up.  It took the police 20 minutes exactly to shoot up my driveway. From there,  more cops showed up with search dogs and a helicopter to find the thugs who had broken in.  Initially, I was very mad but maintained my composure while the cops were there. It wasn’t until my father showed up that I realized the severity of what happened and I broke down.

 I couldn't understand how I had been to war and made it home and my life was almost taken on my back porch.  Christmas day, while spending time with my family, I broke down again.  Knowing what I teach and what I preach, I was a victim in my own home.  I was trained to do something and the one time I didn’t this is what happened.  I blamed myself for what happened, not following my own rules and also the thought that had they gotten away with my firearms there was a chance they would use MY GUNS to hurt other innocent people.

As of now, the suspects have still not been caught and my gun is in the possession of the Police pending the end of the investigation. Lessons learned for me is to never underestimate what people do and how quickly a life can change  due to others selfish acts. My training and mindset is what kept me alive in that short encounter, proving how much one can fight for with the right mindset.  At the same time my choice of not taking my gun because I was only gone for a minute, was the wrong mindset as well, and is a big reason why this happened. 

-Tony Cano