SHOT Show 2015 DAY ONE

STS grabbing dinner and drinks with Zoltan from Five Finger Death Punch.

STS Crew meeting up with friends at POF USA and Straight8 Photography. Erin Switzer and Jason Swarr.

Instructor ONE gets to interview and meet with his Recon Brother Rudy Reyes.

STS meeting with the ladies of US Nightvision and Lidia Porter.

STS and SF Armory hit the Vertx VIP After Party.

STS meeting up with Mike Nichols and APEX Armor and US Nightvision

STS links up with Beyond Clothing!


IR HUNTER™ 320x240 35mm Thermal Weapon Sight

Price: $4,995.00

     Made entirely in USA, the IR HUNTER™ has been designed and manufactured by a team of industry professionals that has been building thermal sights across the industry for many years. But even more we are a group of Shooters that understands how and why you use a sight. That drive and commitment lead us to make the best possible weapon system and we did it in the US and we did it without compromising quality. That would typically be enough but we went a step further and brought the IR HUNTER™ to market at a low price without compromising quality.