Mind and Body Workout 3

Ingrid Marcum  speaks at SS8

Ingrid Marcum speaks at SS8

This past weekend, the STS crew headed to William Brice Stadium for the 8th annual SORINEX Summer Strong Expo and Combine. What a phenomenal event! We learned a ton from the volunteer speakers during the clinic, rubbed elbows with renowned coaches and experts from the athletic performance community, and got to train and sweat with top-tier athletes and attendees.

Nick Koumalatsos  on 20 yard sprints

Nick Koumalatsos on 20 yard sprints

The event and the guest presentations reinforced the mind and body connection that we’ve been emphasizing this whole month. For instance, did you know that even when you are sedentary, your brain consumes approximately 30% of your daily caloric intake? What’s even better is that by challenging our minds to work harder, we can increase that percentage. Complex exercises that require you to balance, move in different directions, and move at faster speeds engage multiple parts of the brain and force it to work harder.

Scott Weaver,  Team SAR

Scott Weaver, Team SAR


The Summer Strong Combine - a decathlon-style competition aimed at identifying the ultimate athlete - offered the STS team an arena to challenge those specific abilities. Although this was a physical contest, the camaraderie amongst the competitors was unmistakable, and several athletes PR’d in multiple categories. We were also privileged to participate with elite members of Team Some Assembly Required, a group of adaptive athletes that will force anyone searching for an excuse to throw that s#!t out the window, and get up and make it happen.

The combine started around 4pm on Saturday. Everyone had a different strategy in his or her approach to the events. The STS crew avoided the day’s lingering heat and started things off inside. After things cooled down and we were sufficiently warmed up, we headed to the stadium for the outdoor challenges.


Here’s a look at the combine. Mind and Body Workout 3 :

Concept 2 Row (max resistance) – 2000m for time

Nick warming up for his PR of 500lbs on deadlift.

Nick warming up for his PR of 500lbs on deadlift.

Max Deadlift Lockout – 3 attempts maximum lift

4-direction Agility – 3 attempts for time

Wall Build – 20 yards for time, 75lb blocks (men) & 45lb bumper plates (women)

D-Ball Overhead Heave – 3 attempts max distance, 16lbs (men) & 8lbs (women)

I nstructor One  on 20-yard dash

Instructor One on 20-yard dash

TENDO Power Analyzer Bench Press – 3 sets of 3 @ 185lbs (men) & 95lbs (women)

20-yard Dash – 3 attempts for time

Triple Jump – 3 attempts, total maximum distance on best attempt

Grip Dynometer – 3 attempts per hand

Versa Climber – 1 minute sprint, maximum vertical distance

Darren Hutton on triple jump.

Darren Hutton on triple jump.

Each of us finished in the top 20 overall. We want to continue our training to prepare for next year. If you missed any of our mind and body month workouts, you can catch them in the WAR ROOM.

Train Safe, Train Smart, Train with a Purpose.