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Test your metal July 18-19th at STS's inaugural SMOKECHECK event; a scenario-driven challenge course hosted at a private range in Kansas City, Missouri.


This course is scenario-driven, and designed to push you to the maximum of your abilities. 

You will start the day off with a version of a military style rifle and pistol qualification. This will is where the scoring system begins. We train to a standard and you will be expected to pass. You will receive the pistol and rifle qualifications in an email after you have registered, so you can prepare yourself as you see fit. We are providing this ahead of time so training day 01 will not be the first day you see it. Having said that, we are going to hit the ground running. There will also be a penalty for failing to qualify. 

The scenarios are designed around situations that you could be faced with on a daily basis. A lot of these scenarios will reinforce the 4th safety rule, which is to be SURE of your targets foreground and BACKROUND. The team building scenarios will evaluate your abilities to lead and follow. Situations will put you in a position of leadership amongst complete strangers in order to unite your team for the common good of the mission.

SMOKECHECK is going to test your cognitive abilities as well. You may be good at doing one or two things at the same time, but this course is going to take you beyond your normal OODALOOP (Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action LOOP). Just a hint, you may want to brush up on your 5th Grade American History.

There will be an introduction to some basic survival skills, such as how to make a survival fire and purify a cup of drinking water. Pay close attention as these skills will be incorporated into the scenarios. 

There will be first responder medical training utilizing the STS North American Rescue Level 1 IMK (Individual Medical Kit). This scenario will exercise your ability to fight while wounded. You will be tested on individual medical scenarios that have cursory mission objectives. You will also be tested on team medical scenarios that will reinforce your ability to work together with strangers. 

SMOKECHECK will utilize the UTM (Ultimate Training Munnition). If you have not used it before, you are in for an exciting exercise. If you have, then you are ahead of the game. UTM is a more reliable and accurate version of Simunitions. UTM will be used for force-on-force drills. SO, to answer the question you may be asking yourself, YES, you will be shooting and shot with UTM rounds.

SMOKECHECK is going to be physically demanding. Portions of the course will involve kettlebells, medicine balls, and fireman and stretcher carries of teammates, at a minimum. Other segments will require you to traverse uneven terrain. If physical limitations prevent you from performing any of these activities, don’t worry; we will adjust the scenario as necessary. We would just like you to be aware that you are going to life heavy things, run, and sweat.

Incentives tend to raise performance.  In light of that, an award will be handed out for the individual that earns the most points. Hero of the Battle is a peer award that will be presented to the person that scores the most points for the team. The Silent Warrior will be selected by the STS staff and will be awarded to the most improved and best team player.


UTM: 100 Pistol, 180 Rifle

Live Ammo: 200 Pistol, 300 Rifle.


Personalized AMMO Can:


Vacuum sealed STS NAR Level 1 IMK

Fire-starter made by

Water Gel Tab

Sample tube of Frog Lube

1x Wilder Tactical Evolution Pistol Mag holder

Traditional military style canteen cup and stove


Private Range: 19910 S Grand Dr, Belton MO 64012

Airport: Kansas City International Airport MCI


Hotel: Comfort Inn17205 U.S. 71 Belton Mo 64012 816-322-8700

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