STS SMOKECHECK 15-02 OCT 16-18th

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STS SMOKECHECK 15-02 OCT 16-18th


Do you have a GPS? Good. Leave it at home. SMOKECHECK 15-02 is going off the grid to test your grit. Accept the challenge October 16th-18th and meet us at a private location in Wynnewood, Oklahoma to find out if you can hack it.

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Challenge Accepted

Whether you’re a patriot, prepper, conspiracy theorist, or you just like a challenge, SMOKECHECK 15-02 is the training course you have been waiting for. This course will test you on some of the basics and introduce you to reliable, tested training methods.

Do you have a GPS? Good. Leave it at home. We are going off the grid, OLD SCHOOL – map, compass, and protractor. There will be a detailed refresher course, so don’t let your lack of map and compass navigation skills keep you from signing up. 

We have all heard the saying, “Everyone wants to be and Operator until its time to do Operator SHIT.” This course is going to get you away from the desk and daily grind and insert you into a worst-case scenario environment.

You will be assigned to a team, you will have to work together, and you will be scored on individual and team performance.


**All ammo (UTM and Live) INCLUDED and provided by STS**

UTM is setup for use with a Glock 17 Gen 4 and AR platform for rifle.

If you have anything other than 9mm for pistol, please let us know.

Rifle - if you do not have a rifle you need to let STS know ASAP.

We prefer that your rifles iron sights and optic be BZO’d (sighted in )before you get to SMOKECHECK.  There is not time allotted for BZO of rifles.  You will be taking rifle shots from 7 out to 200.

Pistol belt, make sure your mags pouches and holster have some type of retention.  We do not need you going all yard sale when you are running, gunning and carrying heavy shit.  You should have a min of 3 pistol and 3 rifle if you are not using a chest rig. It is a good idea to have your magazines marked so they don't turn up missing.

Chest rig, something that will hold at least 3 rifle mags.  This can also be a plate carrier.  You do not need plates, unless you want to experience the ftv (full training value).  The plate carrier will provide a little more protection during the UTM portions.

A backpack-3-Day Type.  Something that can hold up to 50 pounds and is neutral in color, suggesting you may need to be camouflage most of the time.  

A med kit will be provided for training, you will need to secure it to your belt or chest rig.

To provide you with a better description of the course content.  This IS NOT an Instruction Course but it is a Capabilities Course with some Competition thrown in.  Suggesting that we are not going to be teaching you as must as we are going to be testing your abilities.  Safety is always paramount; if we see something completely unsafe we will correct it immediately.  Other than that we are more concerned with letting you test yourself within the SMOKECHECK course. 

Mandatory Items

Eye Protection

Ear Protection

Sleeping Bag



Headlamp with extra batteries

Minimum 100 feet of Para Cord

3-Day Backpack

GoreTex / Rain Jacket

Hygiene Gear (toothpaste, soap towel)

Suggested Items

Elbow/Knee Pads

Mouth Piece

Sleeping Mat


Fixed-blade knife

Hand held flashlight with extra batteries



Paintball mask/helmet

Athletic Cup

Gloves (Ironclad or Mechanics type glove)

Clothing Recommendations

Think colors that are going to allow you to blend in to the environment, an example would be Camouflage. 

Time of year for this event the weather patterns change aggressively.  Plan for wet mild temperatures during the day and cool temps at night. 

Footwear; something that you can run in but also support you carrying a moderate to heavy load.  A trail sneaker/boot would be great.  You will be moving on uneven terrain, think about ankle support.  Something that is waterproof.  Feel free to bring a back up pair incase they get to wet. 

Rain Gear

Gore Tex type Jacket and Pants.  Understand if it rains we will drive on, so if you do not want to be completely miserable I would suggest bringing these items.  This is also a safety factor.  If you get too cold even in 70 degrees it is still possible for you to go into Hyperthermia. 


Comfortable, durable, flexible (4 way stretch).  No JEANS.  Think Cargo pants that are not tight.  Please not Tactical Skinny Jeans.


Loose, No COTTON, something that is going to wick and help regulate body temps.

Socks and skivvies

Merino Wool for both of these items.  Again NO COTTON.  Merino Wool will wick, and dry quickly.  One pair could be worn for the duration of the course.

Warming Layers

In the event of colder temps you may want to have NON COTTON base layers.  These are also good for the evening after the training day has completed. 

Cover shirt, Long Sleeve, Hoddie

This will provide protection from the UTM training portions.  It will provide protection from the terrain and the elements, it will also provide camouflage. 

***bring items that you do not mind possibly getting torn or stained with fake blood***

***when using UTM you will have to have long sleeves and pants on for your protection, a hoodie will work well***

You will be working out and probably will not stop sweating until you go to sleep. 

If you haven’t picked up on this Ill spell it out.  If it touches your skin it SHOULD NOT BE COTTON.   Cotton Kills. 


Range is located in Wynnewood, Oklahoma