STS Survival Course
to Sep 18

STS Survival Course

STS Survival Course September 16th-18th


STS, known for its scenario-driven challenge courses, is launching a brand new course for survivalists and thrill seekers alike. In any survival situation, whatever the reason, the absolute most important thing you can do is stay calm. This will enable you to think clearly and make rational decisions that will keep you alive. No matter how grim the outlook may be, it’s important not to panic. 

Our stress-test survival course prepares you with the skills it takes to remain calm under pressure, enabling you to save your life and the lives of those around you.




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to Aug 7


SMOKECHECK 16-01 will be held AUGUST 5TH-7TH

SMOKECHECK is a scenario-driven ADVENTURE course designed to push you to the maximum of your abilities.

You will start the day off with a version of a military style rifle and pistol qualification. This is where the scoring system begins. We train to a standard and you will be expected to pass. You will receive the pistol and rifle qualifications in an email after you have registered, so you can prepare yourself as you see fit. 

The scenarios are designed around situations that you could be faced with on a daily basis. A lot of these scenarios will reinforce the 4th safety rule, which is to be SURE of your target's foreground and BACKROUND. The team building scenarios will evaluate your abilities to lead and to follow. Situations will put you in a position of leadership amongst complete strangers in order to unite your team for the common good of the mission.

There will be an introduction to some basic survival skills, such as how to make a survival fire and purify a cup of drinking water. Pay close attention as these skills will be incorporated into the scenarios. 

There will be first responder medical training. This scenario will exercise your ability to fight while wounded. You will be tested on individual medical scenarios that have cursory mission objectives. You will also be tested on team medical scenarios that will reinforce your ability to work together with strangers. 

SMOKECHECK will utilize the UTM (Ultimate Training Munnition). If you have not used it before, you are in for an exciting exercise. If you have, then you are ahead of the game. UTM is a more reliable and accurate version of Simunitions. UTM will be used for force-on-force drills. The answer to the question you may be asking yourself is "YES", you will be shooting and shot with UTM rounds.

SMOKECHECK is going to be physically demanding. Portions of the course will involve kettlebells, medicine balls, and fireman and stretcher carries of teammates, at a minimum. Other segments will require you to traverse uneven terrain. If physical limitations prevent you from performing any of these activities, don’t worry, we will adjust the scenario as necessary. We would just like you to be aware that you are going to life heavy things, run, and sweat.

Registrations for SMOKECHECK 16-01 will open March 1st, 2016


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to May 29

Kilos for Heroes

This event has been a joint creation between Brandon Lilly,  Jeff Nichols (Former Navy Seal), and Sorinex to honor those that serve in the military of this great nation. Taking inspiration from the awesome work done by the Relentless Family, we felt strongly that we could give back to those that give so much. 

We will be establishing a scholarship, and donating all proceeds to The Raider Project.

Their creed:  "The Raider Project connects MARSOC/USMC combat veterans with other veterans to help them transition smoothly, peacefully, successfully into the private sector."


Virginia High Performance
1024 Bells Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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Bear Hunt - Grey Ghost Precision
to May 26

Bear Hunt - Grey Ghost Precision

May 23rd-27th Nick Koumalatsos (STS), Brian Bishop, Kelsey Gonzalez (Orion Design Group),  and Logan Stark (Ready Man) take to the woods of Casper Wyoming for a hunting trip of Epic Proportions.

Wyoming is a great choice for hunters looking to bag a world-class black bear. We’ll hunt from ground blinds high in the mountains, often at heights of 7,000 feet or more. Physical fitness is essential. The main advantage these heights provide (other than great hunting!) is an environment that’s favorable to hide preservation, resulting in a low rate of slipped hides, and a low bug population. 

Spring bear hunting is very exciting and bears are constantly on the move after spending the winter in hibernation. Most of the hunting is done over bait sites in the evening from ground blinds or tree stands. We have many different bait sites in many different drainages to maximize your chances of harvesting a bear.

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to May 22

Sorinex Summerstrong 9

STS Team takes part in SUMMER STRONG 9.

Summer Strong is unlike any other strength event in the world, and that uniqueness has been purposeful since the start in 2008.  We were tired of political posturing and chest thumping, sterile meeting rooms with emotionless speakers.  We longed for the days of sweat, heart, and passion for the Iron Game - all of the gut feelings that we experienced the first time we laid our hands on iron. We saw a very real need for extraordinary people from different fitness disciplines to share their ideas and techniques, rather than stay within their comfortable, sheltered shell of proficiency. 

Summer Strong has always been a labor of love, and an opportunity to give back to the Iron Game.  It's about learning and giving back.  It's about honoring effort and creating camaraderie.  Its about celebrating strength and the strong.

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to Apr 2

Raider Project Transition Seminar

April 1st-2nd, 2016  Join the Raider Project for two days at the Wilmington Convention Center for a weekend of networking while gaining the tools necessary to help each other succeed in the next mission.

Entering the job market today requires an individual demonstrating the maturity, dedication, enthusiasm, and articulation to stand apart from the rest. Military experience alone does not carry the weight that it used to; this stresses the need to develop the proper approach to succeeding both professionally and personally. 

Traditionally, transition courses cater to those requiring assistance at the most elemental level (i.e. resume-building, personal finance, and business attire). Addressing the need for further information beneficial to success, our seminar focuses on the demands of careers, lifestyle, personal / team training, and both physiological and psychological health. Recognizing that each individual transition is unique, the participants are able to ask our eleven guest speakers questions and get immediate feedback.


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Two Day Advanced Concealed Carry & Modified Pistol Technique
to Oct 11

Two Day Advanced Concealed Carry & Modified Pistol Technique

This is NOT a beginner course. We recommend at a minimum having attending a Basic, and Tactical Pistol course prior to attending this course. You DO NOT need your CCHP to attend this course. This course will not provide you with the documentation to obtain a CCHP.  This course will introduce you to advanced shooting techniques for carrying a pistol concealed.  Course length is 6 to 8 hours, per day.  Because this is an advanced course not a lot of time is going to be spent on teaching the fundamentals. We offer this class for a few reasons.  The first being the state course we offer does not allot time for how to actually carry concealed.  The other is to answer a common question, “I have my permit but how do I carry?” This course will incorporate shooting on the move, how to draw from concealed, how to carry, shooting from sitting, and drawing from a car.  This course will also introduce you to "SHOOT, DON'T SHOOT" scenarios. This course will also enforce the mindset of the Concealed Carry Lifestyle. This course is also offered for Private instruction for an individual or a group.  

STS rents pistols for this course. 

Please understand that STS classes are “COLD Ranges”. When you arrive please ensure that your weapon is unloaded with no magazine inserted and in a case or range bag. 

Student Gear required for this Course;

EYE PRO, Sunglasses, Prescription glasses, safety glasses

EAR PRO, Foam earplugs will be provided if needed.

Weapon, in case, holster and mag pouches


3 magazines minimum recommended.

AMMO 600 rounds for 2-Day Course

**If your carry a pistol in a backpack, purse, briefcase or anything thing other than on your body bring it!  We will teach you how to draw from these items. 


A Cover Shirt, this can be a vest, a button up shirt, a sweatshirt.  The intent is to have your pistol concealed by your clothing, thus enforcing the carry lifestyle. 

Footwear, something you can stand in for 8 hours, keep in mind some ranges are muddy.

Jackets check the weather report; if it’s raining bring a raincoat (Yes we shoot in the rain and snow)

Clothing, seasonal and should be comfortable, something that does not restrict you from taking a knee. 


Folding chair, it’s always good to get off your feet during breaks. 

Food and Water, we suggest 1 gallon of water, snacks and lunch.

Note taking material.

This class is open to non-felons, with a clean background.  We ask that you refrain from consuming non-prescription drugs or alcohol 12 hours prior to attending training with STS.

We encourage you to email us at, with any questions you have. 

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to Jun 14

2 Day Tactical Carbine, Bolivia, NC

2-Day Tactical Rifle Courses

from 200.00

All of our instructors are former Special Operations and have lived in a world where their life depends on their mindset and skill with firearms. We would like to impart a bit of this knowledge on to you. We are looking forward to seeing you on the range!

  • Pre Register for $250.00 to reserve your place in the class. This fee is non-refundable. The remainding $250.00 is due 7 days prior to the course start date. 
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2015 SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference)
to May 21

2015 SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference)

  • Tampa Convention Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

This year’s conference theme, “Winning in a Complex World,” will provide a forum for military, government, academia, and industry stakeholders to network and discuss current and future challenges and how to best support our Special Operations Forces (SOF) around the globe. Get more details here:

2015 SOFIC

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2Gun Warrior Challenge
to May 3

2Gun Warrior Challenge

This is a 2gun (Pistol/Rifle) competition like no other. Focus is on cover, concealment accuracy and endurance. Open to all. Individual and team registrations. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. There will be food and drink vendors all three days. Sunday will be awards day and after party. 

Portion of proceeds will benefit a local charity. 

Individual = $100
2Man or Woman Team = $200
Spectators $6
Three day admit= $12 

Registered contestants receive complimentary meals all three days.

Vendor and advertising space available. Please call for more information. 


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