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Bear Hunt - Grey Ghost Precision

May 23rd-27th Nick Koumalatsos (STS), Brian Bishop, Kelsey Gonzalez (Orion Design Group),  and Logan Stark (Ready Man) take to the woods of Casper Wyoming for a hunting trip of Epic Proportions.

Wyoming is a great choice for hunters looking to bag a world-class black bear. We’ll hunt from ground blinds high in the mountains, often at heights of 7,000 feet or more. Physical fitness is essential. The main advantage these heights provide (other than great hunting!) is an environment that’s favorable to hide preservation, resulting in a low rate of slipped hides, and a low bug population. 

Spring bear hunting is very exciting and bears are constantly on the move after spending the winter in hibernation. Most of the hunting is done over bait sites in the evening from ground blinds or tree stands. We have many different bait sites in many different drainages to maximize your chances of harvesting a bear.

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