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Sorinex Summerstrong 9

STS Team takes part in SUMMER STRONG 9.

Summer Strong is unlike any other strength event in the world, and that uniqueness has been purposeful since the start in 2008.  We were tired of political posturing and chest thumping, sterile meeting rooms with emotionless speakers.  We longed for the days of sweat, heart, and passion for the Iron Game - all of the gut feelings that we experienced the first time we laid our hands on iron. We saw a very real need for extraordinary people from different fitness disciplines to share their ideas and techniques, rather than stay within their comfortable, sheltered shell of proficiency. 

Summer Strong has always been a labor of love, and an opportunity to give back to the Iron Game.  It's about learning and giving back.  It's about honoring effort and creating camaraderie.  Its about celebrating strength and the strong.

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