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NC Concealed Carry Handgun Course
8:30 AM08:30

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Course

  • Shaw Hwy Rocky Point, NC United States (map)
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This course will provide you with the State of North Carolina required training for obtaining your CCHP.  Topics covered in this class are Laws, Introduction to fundamentals of marksmanship, concealed carry techniques and more., If you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, we strongly recommend obtaining your CCHP. Our goal is to provide you with proper instruction that will have you walking away from the range with more confidence than you arrived. Course length is 8 to 9 hours. Students will also receive an NRA Basic Pistol Certificate for attending this class.  This course is also offered in a Women’s only Class, Private instruction for an individual or a group. 

STS rents pistols for this course. 

Please understand that STS classes are “COLD Ranges”.  When you arrive please ensure that your weapon is unloaded with no magazine inserted and in a case or range bag. 

Student Gear required for this Course;

EYE PRO, Sunglasses, Prescription glasses, safety glasses

EAR PRO, Foam earplugs will be provided if needed.

Weapon, in case, holster and mag pouches


3 magazines minimum recommended.

AMMO 200 rounds.


Footwear, something you can stand in for 8 hours, keep in mind some ranges are muddy.

Jackets check the weather report; if it’s raining bring a rain coat (Yes we shoot in the rain and snow)

Clothing, seasonal and should be comfortable, something that does not restrict you from taking a knee. 


Folding chair, it’s always good to get off your feet during breaks. 

Food and Water, we suggest 1 gallon of water, snacks and lunch.

Note taking material.

This class is open to non-felons, with a clean background.  We ask that you refrain from consuming non-prescription drugs or alcohol 12 hours prior to attending training with STS. We encourage you to email us at,, with any questions you have. 

We encourage you to email us at,, with any questions you have.  

  • Please sign and bring the Health forms the morning of the course. 

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