The STS logo was adapted from our ancestors in ancient Greece. Many people know it as the shield that Spartans would carry. What you see as the upside down V is actually a Greek "L" (Lambda). It stood for Lakedaímōnion which was a alternate name for a Spartan. Lakedaímōn is the region where Sparta is located. 


So why the shield? The shield is a piece of equipment that is used to protect oneself from an attacker or can be used as a weapon itself. But it goes deeper than that. A Warrior standing alone with a shield will only be so strong and only last for so long. Greek Warriors would stand side by side interlocking their shields making them infinitely stronger as a single unit or community. It was not about how strong one Warrior was but how strong they were when they stood together, shield to shield and side by side. In this industry you see a lot of individuals that stand out alone. At STS, we believe that we are only as strong as the Warrior to our left and right. We want to train and stand shield to shield as a community for the betterment of our friends and families. We cannot be safe and successful in this world without strong warriors to our left and right, shield to shield.